Artist Bio

Josie Rinoldo was first known for her watercolor series called "La vigne de mon père".

Nature is the underlying theme in her paintings. Her painterly brush stroke and unique style in presenting her subjects are created in a combination of figurative and abstract understructure. Be it a flower, a fruit, or a landscape, she emphasizes the spirit of her subjects, which is exemplified in her paintings. They mirror the harmony of nature as she sees it.

Josie has a bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and is a member of several prestigious associations that have acknowledged and honored her with awards. She had signature membership in Société canadienne d’aquarelle and Canadian Painters in Watercolor and Lakeshore Artists Association.

Official Recognition

She has won more than 10 prizes since 1997 in different cities across Quebec.

Josie Rinoldo and her students 2011